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A Message from Aaftabhusen A Ansari

Founder of Ansari Solicitor Firm (ASF)


Embarking on this journey over seventeen years ago, I founded Ansari Solicitor Firm with a vision to redefine legal excellence. As an Advocate with a wealth of experience, I take pride in steering ASF towards new heights of success and distinction.

Recognized as a Solicitor by the esteemed Bombay Incorporated Law Society, and privileged to serve as a panel advocate for both the Waqf Board of Gujarat and the Groundnut Research Institute by the Government of India, my commitment to the legal realm extends beyond the courtroom.

Having made over 1588 appearances in the Gujarat High Court and actively engaged in various Lower Courts since 2006, my dedication to the pursuit of justice is unwavering. My role as a Special Public Prosecutor in the Income Tax Department of India and Goods and Services Tax Department since 2016 reflects a commitment to upholding the integrity of our financial systems.

In January 2017, I proudly accepted the responsibility of being a panelled Advocate for the Official Liquidator of Gujarat High Court, a role that underscores my dedication to the principles of fairness and transparency.

Our global footprint expanded in November 2023, as Ansari Solicitor Firm joined forces with the UK-based Solicitor Law Firm, Bond Adams LLP Solicitors. This collaboration amplifies our capabilities, offering our clients a seamless blend of international expertise and local insights.

My practice encompasses a spectrum of legal domains, including Criminal Law, Civil Law, Arbitration, Title Clearance & Documents, Real Estate, Family Matters, Commercial Laws, and Labour Laws. Specializing in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Revenue Cases, and Litigation, I approach every case with the utmost sincerity, excellence, and dedication.

At Ansari Solicitor Firm, we strive for excellence in every aspect of the legal journey. Our commitment is not just to the law but to the clients we serve, fostering trust and delivering results.

Thank you for considering Ansari Solicitor Firm as your legal partner. Together, let us navigate the complexities of the legal landscape and achieve success.

Warm regards,

Aaftabhusen A Ansari
Founder, Ansari Solicitor Firm (ASF)

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