Ansari Solicitor Firm

Expert legal services within the framework of the law

Ansari Solicitor Firm: Expert legal services within the framework of the law

Among a number of assistances, legal assistance is said to be one of the most crucial aids being offered. It has the potential to make or break someone’s life, career, prospects, etc. Considering this, one should always look out for a seasoned law firm for a trustworthy legal assistance. Today we are going to talk about one such law firm which has been a preferred choice for individuals in Gujarat. We are talking about none other than Ansari Solicitor Firm.

When it comes to experience, it has a seasoned expertise of almost one and a half decades. The law firm was founded in 2006 by A.A. Ansari. Ansari solicitor firm (ASF) is one of the leading Indian law firms in Ahmedabad. They work with their clients by understanding their requirements and offer expert legal services within the framework of the law. It has emerged as a one-stop solution in Gujarat state for the local and global clients. It has become the most preferred law firm among the people of Gujarat.

Talking about the biggest strength of the company, the company puts in powerful and logical mindset.“I have developed my mind in a way that it makes me think about the logic of every aspect and what would an ordinary person do in that given circumstance and how and why would he act that way”,. Moreover he also keep on studying the reasoning of particular provisions of law.

As far as the goal of the company is concerned, it aspires to provide ingenious solutions to every legal situation. Moreover, it aims to serve clients by trust, excellence and collaboration. Apart from this, it aims to become a global law firm by becoming preferred partner of its clients.

Engaging experienced lawyers to litigate better

To become a preferred partner of its clients, it has taken a path consisting of the support of latest technology. They are working for digitalization of each matter, keeping past records advices, solutions given to the clients. Moreover, they also try to engage experienced lawyers to litigate better.

For many years, ASF was handling more than 1000 matters per year. They were overburdened and had less space in the office. Taking this into consideration, they have shifted to new office having space of 3000 square feet and engaged 16 lawyers/ para legal staff to overcome the said challenge.

At ASF, they engaged experts of different area of practice to become full service law firm. They have experts for criminal matters, civil matters, labor laws, IPR, corporate laws, DRT matters, and consumer cases etc.

Talking about the USP that makes his firm different from the other businesses in similar domains, it is the ingenious solution to every legal situation and to think out of box.

Talking about his outside interests, they also pertain to his profession. He works on to learn the legal psychology, its need and impact on society. Apart from this, reading books suggested by Harvard Law School are some of his core interest areas.

The seed of law sown quite early

Talking about the idea of starting his law firm, he started attending the Court when he was in 11th standard. He would visit the court with a friend of his father. The environment fascinated him a lot and encouraged him to make his career in this field. After completing his solicitor from Bombay Incorporated Law Society, he soon started his law firm.

Having got the idea of legal discourse at such of young age prepared him for the field quite early. It helped him develop the mindset like lawyer. He made some really good contacts at college etc. Apart from this, he has emphasized upon the creative thinking within his organization since the inception of the company. He always embraces new technology, whenever a technology updates or new software comes, he tries to make the most out of it. Most of the time technology pays you back.

Apart from this, in his leisure time, he studies the landmark decisions of various High Courts or Supreme Courts. Nowadays, people discuss these judgments as they are aware of them by social media or news portals. And they like to have healthy and accurate discussion.

“There are no hard and fast rules to success in this field. You just need to work for those who need legal assistance. Your commitment towards the litigation and documentations would lead you to become a successful lawyer. Every lawyer is great lawyer. One just need to believe in consistency, reading a lot, and keep reading the matters, relevant sections, its ingredients, purpose of particular legal provisions etc.”, he says.

About Mr. Ansari

He started attending Court in 1999 when he was in 11th standard. In 2006, he became a lawyer and completed his LL.M. from corporate law. Mr. Ansari is solicitor from Bombay Incorporated law society, Bombay. He litigates at Gujarat High Court and there are 30 reported judgments to his credit. Many of his cases are reported in local and national newspapers. There are more than 12 TV episodes in which he was called to answer live questions on topics like, land laws, criminal laws, negotiable instrument act etc.

He was also appointed as Special Public Prosecutor, Income Tax Department in the year 2017 and he is representing Income tax department in various court of Gujarat. He is also working for Waqf Board, Gujarat State; Official Liquidator, Gujrat High Court; Agricutural University, Govenrment of India, New Delhi, Directorate of Groundnut Research, Gujarat State.

At ASF, his team along with him is handling briefs of HDFC Standard Life, Amazon, SBI Life, Elder Pharma etc.

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