Real Estate & Infrastructure Laws



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At ASF, we advice Developers, Owners ,Iindividual or Company in all kind of real estate transactions. Our services starts from acquisition of land to its development & re-development. The lawyers of ASF are regularly advising our clients on projects like residential, commercial & industrial developments, special economic zones (SEZs), townships, multiplexes, malls and IT parks. We do search of property and advise clients on title of properties, lending / borrowing for real estate development and investments (foreign and domestic). We further advice on its impacts on taxation. We have successfully conducted various litigations related to tender disputes.

As a leading Real Estate Law Firm, we have advised various Real Estate Developers and Private Clients on various plethora of Real Estate issues. Being a leading law firm in we are abreast with political, commercial & legal issues related to Real Estate Industry. The Firm advises comprehensively on all aspects of Real Estate Transactions including litigation.

ASF offers complete chain of revenue related procedures including drafting of documents, its registration, certifying entries in the revenue records, title search, issuance of title clearance certificate. The lawyers of ASF regularly appears before Revenue Authorities like Special Secretary, Collectors / Mamlatdar etc. and litigate all kind of revenue proceedings.

  • Title Clearance and Due Diligence
  • Deed, Documentation and Conveyancing
  • Land Acquisitions
  • Property Laws
  • Tenancy Laws
  • Revenue Proceedings
  • Real Estate Litigations
  • Purchase, Development and Re development of Land
  • Town Planning Laws
  • Construction contracts
  • PPP (Public Private Partnership Projects)
  • Project Advisory
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