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Dispute Resolutions

Dispute Resolutions

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Proceedings before the Arbitrator tribunal ensures efficiency, cost effectiveness, convenient, privacy, flexibility, choice of decision maker, place of arbitration and its language and the most important its finality and very less scope for court proceedings.

We advices our clients before the dispute arose, We guide them about pre-dispute consideration viz a viz formulation and initiating legal proceedings. We advices our clients on the issues of Arbitration Clause, place of Arbitration, Number of Arbitrator, Selection procedure, language of Arbitration proceedings, Applicability of its rules and award, finality of award, execution of arbitral award, jurisdiction of court etc. We also appear before Mediator and Conciliator.

We offer ongoing advice and representation during the Arbitration proceedings. We litigate at the stage of appointment of Arbitrators, seeking interim protections, setting aside arbitral award, post award compliances and ensures performance of arbitral award.

  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Domestic Arbitration
  • Drafting Arbitration Agreement / Clause
  • Appointment of Arbitrator
  • Setting aside of arbitral award
  • Enforcement of arbitral award
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation

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