How to Get Fire License in Gujarat

A fire license is any document that assures and conforms to the rules and procedure of fire safety in India. Every state in India has its own rules, procedure and licensing with respect to fire safety. The following are the details of fire licensing in Gujarat.

Fire License in Gujarat

The fire license in Gujarat is a document of conformity to the requirements of fire safety.[1] Fire license is also known as fire safety certificate and No-Objection certificate (NOC) in Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat issues a fire license in the form of fire NOC through the Urban Development & Urban Housing Department. This license certifies that the fire systems in the premise that seeks the license are efficient and safe.

The Gujarat Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2018 mentions various types of businesses for which, it is mandatory to obtain a fire license. It was enacted to establish and maintain fire services and other significantly related matters in Gujarat. Thus, those who occupy or own any building- whether for private or public purpose, have to take precautions for breakouts of fire and the Fire NOC is a testament to that such precaution has been taken.

The fire license issued is valid for one year from issued date. After the completion of one year, the license must be renewed, for which, inspection of the said premises would be conducted by the chief fire officer only after which the NOC shall be renewed. Non-renewal can result in legal action and loss of insurance.The Regional Fire Officer or the Chief Fire Officer issues the Fire license or Fire NOC for Fire Prevention & Fire Safety Measures.

Gujarat Fire License for Buildings[2]

Fire safety in buildings or premises is a vital area of concern for employers and landlords to keep peoples fully protected and ensure that the file system is fixed correctly and free of false alarms. The Gujarat fire license is needed to be obtained for the following buildings:

  • Buildings of more than 18 meters up to 25 meters (from ground level to top floor ceiling height)
  • Function Halls, Vivah Bhavan
  • Chemical industries and storage of solvents
  • The storage and handling of explosives
  • Storied, multi-storied and high-rise building
  • Handling of petroleum products (Class A, B & C)
  • Transport godowns and any other godowns
  • High rise building above 25 meters and up to 45 meters
  • Cinema Theatres
  • Temporary structures, movable theatre, circus and exhibitions
  • High rise building above 45 meters and more in height
  • Multiplex
  • Storage and handling of chemicals
  • The storage and handling of pharmaceutical products

Minimum Standards for Fire Prevention

The minimum standards for fire prevention and fire safety are, among others, Access to buildings, smoke management systems, fire extinguishers, first-aid hose reels, public address systems, pumping arrangements, exit signage, lift provisions, fire-check doors, exit doors, hydrants, standby power supply, fire control, specialised fire protection system etc.

Documents Required

The applicant needs to furnish the application to obtain Gujarat fire license or fire safety certificate which must be accompanied by documents like layout and building plan, google map image, sanction plan, NOC, affidavit and undertaking, revenue records, power of attorney among others.

Gujarat Fire License Application Procedure

Application for a fire license can be done by visiting the Investor Facilitation Portal on the website of government of Gujarat. For new user registration, there is a separate link. You have to fill Name, Mobile number, mail ID etc. It is after the registration that one can access the portal through a login where one has to select the “Fire NOC Permission’ and provide all mandatory details for application. This includes, among others, name of the building, address, name and address of builder, plot area, number of risers, number of floors, number of fire lifts, number of fire pumps, ventilation etc. The documents for the same must be uploaded. Scrutiny of the documents by Fire Officer is done, followed by inspection of the premises, recommendations and submission of a report by the occupier that all fire safety standards have been met with. It is then, after some more verifications, that the Chief Fire Authority approves and issues fire opinion and sends it to Nodal Officer. After verification, the Nodal Officer issues the fire license.


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