Trust and Co-operative laws

Formation of Trusts (Public, private, charitable or religious) Formation of Co-operative Societies Registration of NGO Taxation issues related to trusts, co-operative societies and NGOs Management of  Trusts and Co-operative Societies Open Membership Trust and Society litigation Statutory compliances, Investment related […]

Estate and Succession

The advice on Estate is based on clients requirement. trusts, taxation, wills and other testamentary instruments Cross Border Family and Personal law issues Succession Personal Laws governing Hindus, Muslims & Christians Joint Estates Private Trust Wills and other testamentary instruments […]

Employment and Labour Laws

We regularly advise our clients on employment related agreements, engagement of consultants, executive compensation, statutory compliances (including social security contributions, employee benefits including maternity benefits, family & medical leave gratuity, health, safety,  statutory bonus and other liabilities), discharge, dismissal by […]

Intellectual Property

We advices our clients on trademark licensing and assignment, distribution agreements, IP related aspects of franchising transactions, commercial software agreement, agreement between consumer & developer, The firm also advices on litigation aspects pertaining to Trademarks, Copyright, Patent, Designs, Geographical Indication […]

Dispute Resolutions

Proceedings before the Arbitrator tribunal ensures efficiency,  cost effectiveness, convenient, privacy, flexibility, choice of decision maker, place of arbitration and its language and the most important its finality and very less scope for court proceedings. We advices our clients before […]